Tina Bridgman videos
Halcyon 7.05
From the album Halcyon Breeze - Video by Peter Grech.
Sidmouth Folk Festival 2017 5.44
Singing Libertine at the Sidmouth Folk Festival in 2017
Take to the Sky 4.26
Tina sings Take to the Sky from the CD 'In the Company of You' - live at Lyme Regis in the UK
Watch Tina at Ted X 12.47
The Gift of Connection... Comes in Handy
Scarborough Fair 3.33
Tina sings Scarborough Fair - live at the Beer Regatta
Whisper 5.16
From 'In the Company of You'
Simple Age & Moonlighting 12.32
Early film of Tina Bridgman and Richard Osborne in 1998 singing from the album Hearth
Remember 2.25
"The more we see love - the less we feel at war" "For the love of others, Remember"


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