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Hayley Gale – Nelson Mail,┬áNew Zealand. May 2008.

Golden Bay singer-songwriter Tina Bridgman’s new album is a testament to her remarkable courage as well as her musical talent.

When she lost her left hand in a car crash on the icy morning of July 12th, 2004, Bridgman feared she’d never be able to play the guitar again.

But the recently released album ‘In the Company of You‘ demonstrates how the contemporary folk singer and guitarist has literally single-handedly made a come-back.

Available at various outlets in the top of the South Island, the album contains a collection of poignant and heart-warming songs she has written since then.

All the music is performed by Bridgman, with the exception of two songs where she is accompanied by fellow guitarist Adge Tucker. The album was recorded and produced by Sam Hopley and Shane O’Niell in Golden Bay.

“I’m very happy with the album. I feel it’s like a letter to my friends and family, and the songs continue to inspire and guide me on,” Bridgman said.

With titles like Anatori and Rainbows, many of the songs are inspired by the natural beauty of Golden Bay. But one, Whisper, tells of a profound spiritual experience at the time of the accident, when she felt the presence of something “far more than us sitting here”. She believes the ‘voice’ she heard saved her life.

At the album’s Golden Bay launch last week, fellow professional musician Sika said it was a work that clearly “stands on its own merit”.

Bridgman first told her story to the Nelson Mail 18 months ago, when she taught herself to play guitar with one hand and begun to write songs again after the accident.

Since then, she has continued to develop her special guitar style and performed as a solo artist at various venues. Having been a professional musician for 15 years in Britain, she’s already made plans to perform there in the coming summer.

“When I return, I may tour the South Island”.



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