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I had to learn again the guitar when I lost my left hand in 2004. I feel this gave me a deeper appreciation for the world of music and the dynamics of learning. The aim of my teaching is to ultimately assist the development of the students’ natural musicality.

During that time a friend asked me to show her some chords and rhythms on the guitar and a lady asked me to give her a voice lesson. Well, I’d never taught before and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. And I didn’t realise how much more I had to give musically, until I was asked to share it.

I started teaching more people, including working with pupils in a primary school in New Zealand. And the more that I taught, the more energised and alive I felt and the more joyful things I wanted to do. By honouring my own connection that led me to help others through music and in turn gave me so much back. That was such a true gift in my life.

In addition to the guitar, I developed a deeper understanding of the voice and techniques to help people overcome the obstacles that stop them from singing to help them reclaim their voice.

Initially I work with listening skills and awareness of rhythm in the body before moving on to teaching songs. In terms of guitar, by focusing on each hand seperately, this promotes a body memory and anchors not only the techniques of playing but a confidence. This also leads to students developing their own music. In terms of voice, we start with where you are at and through a series of various techniques, we learn the ‘tools for the toolbox’ and develop the landscape for authenticity, having fun along the way!

In 2015, I trained with Stagecoach Theatre Performing Arts and achieved the ADPA Level 4 diploma with merit.

Please contact me if you are interested in arranging one-to-one lessons.


‘Tina is a very natural, gifted communicator. She led the workshop in a gentle and encouraging way, making sure everyone felt comfortable and included, yet safe to experiment with our voices and find new depth of connection and harmony….
We had a thoroughly relaxed, joyful and at times moving morning together, learning new skills and discovering different ways of making the most of our voices – through breathing technique, connecting well with ourselves, the songs we sing and those we sing to.’
A.C. Gospel Choir Devon.


‘I have thoroughly enjoyed Tina’s voice workshop at Prana Festival. In a respectful and gracious manner, she invited us into a playful, creative exploration of our voices, individually and collectively. What a treat! In gratitude, Mirjam Busch-Jarosewitsch.’

‘Hi Tina, just wanted to say thank you so so much for your fantastic workshop this morning, the place is buzzing and people are already keen to get you back…. Thank you so much for taking the time to organise the singing workshop, that is the best Monday morning I have experienced at work ever, so a massive THANK YOU. I am really up for this to be continued and willing to pay, can we have a CoLab Community Choir?’
J.L. Devon
. (morning singing session for a group of offices)


‘…the children looked forward to her sessions and made excellent progress. Our whole staff have enjoyed working with Tina and have been inspired by her teaching. Our school has been enriched by the calibre of music her children have produced. When a number of promising guitar players left for GB High School, they chose to continue guitar lessons with Tina.’
Motupipi Primary School. (guitar lessons)


‘Tina has tutored our daughter for over a year in guitar/voice coaching. Since the tutoring began, our daughter has grown steadily in confidence and ability to the extent that she is comfortable singing and playing publicly…. she is a dedicated and encouraging tutor.’
Parents of 14-year-old.


‘I’ve always been jealous of people who could play guitar and have wanted to be able to play for a long, long time. Thanks to Tina, now I can. I could attempt to explain Tina’s teaching methods and strategies but you can ask her to do that. What I will tell you is that you will find that Tina listens and responds to you as an individual, where you have got to and where you want to take your playing next. If you want her to tell you what you should or could play next, she will. If you want to be able to play a particular song that you like, she will make it happen. If you want to be able to write and play your own stuff, Tina can make that happen. I’ve just written my first song- I never even thought about doing this, let alone that after only a year and a half I could. Tina inspired me to do this.’
C.S., Devon.


Venues small and large, private functions and big events.


Carehomes, community centres, charity events.


Singing and guitar lessons in Devon, for individuals and groups.