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December 2016
If you heard Tina Bridgman’s music before seeing her... you’d notice there was something particularly moving about it. If, upon rounding the corner, you saw her for the first time, you’d be surprised to see she plays the guitar with one hand.
May 2008
When she lost her left hand in a car crash on the icy morning of July 12th, 2004, Bridgman feared she'd never be able to play the guitar again.
But the recently released album 'In the Company of You' demonstrates how the contemporary folk singer and guitarist has literally single-handedly made a come-back.
November 2006
Tina feels she has a new strength that has transformed her life, in which music still plays an integral part... "I can't stop the music. That is the gift of my accident. It has opened me up to learning how to express myself through music in a completely different way."


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